What is Team Viking?

Team Viking is a group of Adults who are available to assist and lead water activities for 1st Walton and occaisionaly other scout groups. We get together during the summer months to train as well as to help with the maintenance of the 1st Walton Fleets of kayaks, canoes, rowing and sailing boats. Our Kayaking usually takes place from the Thames opposite our HQ, while Rowing is usually run from Saddler's Ride in Molesey or Cowey Sale near Walton Bridge. We have recently moved our sailing operations to Island Barn Reservoir in West Molesey. We are always on the lookout for volunteers.
While we try not to limit our members to a single activity, we aim to get all of our Kayak members to at least BCU 2 Star Standard. Our Sailing members to RYA Level 2 standard and a scattering of members to RYA Power Boat L2 and RYA Safety Boat standard.
Each of our Activities requires at least one permit holder to be leading the activities, so we would like to get as many of our members as possible to be assesed by the Scout Association so that they can assist in leading activities.
At the moment we only have adults involved, but we would also like to encourage young people of Explorer age to join us.

What boats to we have at our disposal?

We currently have a fleet of aging kayaks which are currenty the backbone of our water activities.
We also have a couple of Canadian Canoes and a number of faster (but far less stable) kayaks.
We have a shed of Sea kayaks which we may even be able to use this year.
We have two pulling gigs and an Aluminium boat which can also be rowed.
At Island Barn Sailing Club, We have a number of sailing craft including an Enterprise, a Topper, a brand new training Optimist and three Gull Dinghies.