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posted Aug 11, 2011, 5:54 AM by Giles Haggerty
Well, it has taken a while, but we finally got the sailboards down and took stock of what we have. We have 4 very nice looking BIC 250s which look nice and stable. We have a few small sails which scouts should have no trouble handling.
At the moment though, we only have two universal joints, skegs and dagger boards, so if anyone comes across any old Bic rigging (masts sails, universal joints dagger boards,skegs, etc.) please let either myself of Martin Rides know. having 4 boards exactly the same would certainly make life a great deal easier. 
Actually, the same universal joints were also used on Dufour Wings, so keep eyes opened for them too :-)
There were a few really heavy old boards which did not have universal joints, skegs, etc and so we will try and get rid of them. they are around the side of the sheds at the moment. 
Thanks to Martin R and Jez for helping out.