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Boat washing and Inspection morning 12 November 2011

posted Nov 12, 2011, 5:32 AM by Giles Haggerty
Hi All

Thanks very much to Phil & Conor Manzi, Phil and Jacob Byrne-Jones and the Herbert Crew (Ken, Sam, Olly and Alex) for a very productive morning. We went through all of our kayaks, inspected each, checked for leaks and other damage and recorded the results. Thanks to this exercise, it seems we are in a better state that I thought. There is only one Kayak which is completely beyond repair and three which need leaks fixed or buoyancy bags. All our Kayaks are wearing out ( The plastic is getting very thin on some of them) but they should last another season.

Phil Byrne-Jones also fitted a new outdoor-style tap for us over the boy's wash basin which we can use for hose pipes etc. The tap is isolated at the moment as we don't really want people using it and flooding the passage .

The lifejackets, cags, helmet, paddles etc also got a good tidy and, of course, we washed the three boats we are taking to xcel on Tuesday

The only jobs which we didn't manage to finish was the light near the Kayak shed door and the welding / fixing the kayak shed door. It looks like we are not getting any power there, so we may need to run a new cable.

The door jambs of the boatsheds are in a bit of a state and so I think we will need to have a Group Grounds day at some stage fairly soon where we can take a look at the buildings and electrics. I think we probably need to put all the switches / fuses / plugs in each shed into a waterproof box rather than having them unprotected and so close to the doors. Does anyone have any contacts where we can get some of these boxes?

Anyway, we are in a good position for next year now. The first cubs kayaking session, so far, is probably going to be the 27th March, so we have plenty of time to fix the electrics, buoyancy and, hopefully, some of the leaks.

I'll stick some pictures up on the Teamviking website later on ...