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Cubs Kayaking 5th July

posted Jul 13, 2011, 4:29 AM by Giles Haggerty
Well, it was certainly a damp evening. A steady drizzle accompanied around 26 boats upriver on Tuesday evening. Unfortunately, it seems that rowers prefer drizzly Tuesday Evenings to take a trip downriver. At times there were 3 rowing boats abreast trying no negotiate the thrashing clumps of kayaking cubs as they tried to stop themselves turning in circles. they eventually split into two groups with Anna taking the more competent paddles up to the beach at Walton marina, while Dave and I tried to herd the beginners close to shore and stop them from becoming rowing boat kebabs.

Each session is a learning experience, and there were definitely a few lessons learned on Tuesday. I'll list them here but if there are any other suggestions, then feel free to comment:
1> New paddlers should go in an Open canoe with an adult. they should have a kayak paddle each, but direction can be controlled by the adult. Obviously that canoe should not be relied upon for rescues.
2> All adults paddling should be briefed before hand and given a role to play.
3> Larger groups should be split by ability if possible
4> If the adult ratio is low, then only half should have boats. they can swap around at the marina and the other half can paddle back. Some activity can be done on land to keep them occupied.

It was still a good evening and the feedback I had from our beginners was that they still enjoyed it.