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Cubs Rowing - 24 May @ Saddler's Ride

posted May 29, 2011, 3:27 AM by Giles Haggerty
We had a very good rowing session with the cubs on Tuesday. We took both of our GRP Rowing Gigs as well as our little support boat. We had planned to also use Thrym, but unfortunately the trailer hitch would not connect properly to the car, so we had to leave it behind. Thanks to all the Team Viking members who turned out to help. Recovering boats from Saddlers Ride is very difficult as there is no real slipway, so we rely on Brute strength to haul them back onto the trailers. Unfortunately we couldn't get a rowing assessor along, so Jeremy is still our only permit holder for rowing.
We will look at getting the tow hitch on Thrym's trailer fixed and then we should be able to have around 18 scouts on the water at once ... We actually have enough rowing boats to get 20 + on the water, but we struggle to find enough people to tow. If you have a towbar and lighting board, please let me know.