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Cubs Sailing 20 July 2011

posted Jul 20, 2011, 7:57 AM by Giles Haggerty
It was raining before we started and it bucketted down once we had finished, but we managed to get away without any rain during our sailing session at Island barn on Tuesday night. Our sailing session was at the same time as the Sailing Club's TrySail evening (Nice relaxed adult sailing course if anyone is interested) and even though we were on the water with 22 other boats, the reservoir is big enough to take us all with room to spare. We managed to get 4 boats on the water and so were able to take 12 cubs out at a time. Ros and Charlotte ( one of our Young leaders) kept the remaining cubs occupied untill their turn came to go for a sail. We were fortunate in having so many willing adults to help and it made launching and recovering the boats so much easier when there is more than just one or two people doing it. lets keep it up as it also means we have time to launch more boats and do more sailing with the cubs !!

Thanks also to all teh team viking memebers who helped out. We couldnt do nearly as much without your time and effort.